This information will be used to put your offer in writing.  Once in writing we will send you a Purchase Contract to sign in an Adobe E-Sign format.  Your offer will not be presented until it’s signed by you.  If you’d like for us to take a peak at the property you are considering buying we are more then happy to offer our assistance and insight to help you decipher the best possible bid strategy too.  Once your bid information is collected we will put it into contract form and send you a draft copy to review, edit, consider, sleep on, print and make paper airplanes with & when you are ready we will then send you the very same contract you approved of via an online e-signature program from Adobe.  Once you e-sign the offer we will present your offer to the seller as soon as possible.  All contracts used by Str8 ReaL estate Company come with a 100% money back 10-15 day cancellation period.

Thank You,
Anthony L. Pizzarelli
Licensed Florida ReaL estate Broker

Letter of Intent

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