New construction & new development properties are by far the easiest way to use a real estate commission rebate.

Sometimes locking in your rebate savings is easy as walking into sales centers and telling them Str8 ReaL estate Company sent you or putting us as your agent/broker of record when filling in online information request on builders websites.  Other times you'll need us to contact the property developers in advance of visiting sales centers.  You'll also find opportunities on our website to receive builder specific registration forms so you can walk in & fast track the introduction process.

80% Rebate - $800,000

85% Rebate - $4,000,000

90% Rebate + $4,000,000

Commission Rebate rates compound with each property purchased with us.

We love watching you make awesome buying & selling decisions.  Our near 20 years of deal making experience is readily available every step of the way & at a pace you control.  Powered by Str8 ReaL estate Company your purchases & sales are supported by a well-versed Florida real estate broker.

Prior to buying, or during any inspection & contract cancellation periods if you'd like us to drill into a specific developer, development and or property address please use our Submit Offer feature.  Our Submit Offer feature is also our preferred method of notification that you would like us to negotiate your purchase terms too.

Our generous new condo & home buyer rebate can be used to reduce closing cost & purchase prices.  You can also apply the rebate to pay for builder upgrades & prepay things like HOA & Impact fees.  If you'd like we can even make arrangements to have the rebate paid to you at closing.

For any questions, comments, concerns or to get started please use a contact form to say hi or call us anytime toll free via 888-888-2814

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