Finding Florida property to buy using a commission rebate can be a lot of fun & very rewarding.  Here are some tips to help us work successfully together.

SEARCH ONLINE:¬† Use websites like, Zillow & Redfin to find properties that are on the market.¬† If you know specific areas you’re interested in look for local real estate agent websites who run local MLS’s too.

DRIVE AROUND:¬† Get out there and get your feel for the area and neighborhood.¬† While properties with for sale signs are obvious targets make note of any communities & specific neighborhoods you may like.¬† If a specific property leap out at you and it’s not on the market make note of it as we can always present offers on off market properties too.¬†

USE MAPS:¬† A buyer once told me about a property they found that was too good to be true….. it was big, lots of land and on the river.¬† Thanks to my knowledge of that particular area I was able to advise them that the reason the property seemed to be such a good by was because across the river was a nuclear power plant.¬† Use sites like Google Maps to take a look at the surrounding area of a property & area you may be considering to check for things that may not be so obvious just driving around or relying on marketing material and internet listings.

ADVANCED METHOD:¬† If you’ve been able to narrow your search down to specific criteria as it relates to the area you want to live in and the type of property you’d like buy but there isn’t anything actively on the market contact us & I will share with you a method where I can couch you to find off market opportunities.

NEW HOMES:¬† To get a rebate on a new home simply tell the developer sales people you will be using Str8 ReaL estate Company to broker your sale.¬† You’ll need to provide them with our companies basic contact information which you can find on our Rebate Coupon.

RESALES:¬† To see resales you will be contacting listing agents.¬† Simply contact them and let them know you are a pre-qualified buyer & would like to view the home at their convenience.¬† At some point they may ask you if you are working with a real estate agent & I suggest you advise them you’re thinking about it and proceed to secure your showings.¬† Your representation is based on what company is listed on your purchase contract & not who shows you property so seeing properties with other agents will not impair our ability to deliver your commission rebate.


  • Get Pre-Qualified:¬† If you intend to use a mortgage to buy a property be sure to get pre-qualified before starting your shopping.¬† This is critical to assure you understand how much property you can afford and to give you the best chance of getting any offer you may want to make accepted.
  • Make an Escrow Deposit:¬† Find a Florida Attorney¬†and/or enlist the help of our preferred title company and deposit $1,000 – $10,000 in their escrow account.¬† Have the attorney write a letter in PDF format & keep it handy.¬† Your deposit can be applied to any property you offer and will show just how serious of buyer you are.
  • Search Older Inventory:¬† When sellers 1st come on the market they are ambitious……. search properties that have been on the market for over 60 days and more.¬† These sellers and brokers are usually much easier to deal with as opposed to properties that are fresh on the market.
  • Don’t Limit Search Criteria:¬† The search results you get are based on the information provided for the listing.¬† Sometimes this information is inaccurate.¬† Be adventurous and keep your search parameters vague and sift through the results one by one.
  • Use Map Search:¬† Use the map search features on & Zillow to get the best possible understanding of what’s available in the market in and around the areas are most interested in.
  • Contact Us Early In the Process:¬† I’ve been in real estate sales since 1999 & a fast conversation early in your search process is a good way to get the most out of your property buying commission rebate experience.

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