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Our real estate commission rebates are best used after you've found your favorite properties.  We're always available to share internet search tips so don't be shy to induce yourself anytime during your property purchase process.

Online Offers

Anytime you feel serious about specific properties let us know some basic offer terms & information & we'll send a draft purchase contract to approve & sign.  At your discretion we'll present your purchase offer & help you complete the closing.

Rebate Basics

Our commission rebates may be  received as a check back at closing, applied to transaction expenses even credited to the seller reducing your purchase price.

Florida Commission Rebates

 80% Real Estate Commission Rebate to $800,000

85% Real Estate Commission Rebate below $3,000,000

90% Real Estate Commission Rebate $3,000,000 +

Your real estate broker has been licensed since 1999 & has participated 1,000's of real estate transactions.

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Create an Offer Online

While we may sleep the internet doesn't. 

Submit a Florida Property Offer on our website anytime.

Upon receipt we will create a draft purchase contract for your review & you can e-sign your official offer anytime from anywhere.

We also take pride in our knowledge of a real estate transaction & love helping people figure out the nuances of making property related decisions so please feel free to contact us 24/8 for anything real estate related.