Florida Commission Rebates


80% Rebate  -  $800,000

85% Rebate  -  $4,000,000

90% Rebate  +  $4,000,000 

Our Florida ReaL estate Commission Rebate rates compound with each property purchased with us.

commission rebates

New & Resale Home Commission Rebates

If you're a savvy real estate shopper you know about real estate commission kickbacks and discount agent commissions & you knew it was only a matter of time before the internet further accelerated your ability to pay reduced commissions like the ones we offer.  If you're new or just not a real life Monopoly player & a little rusty about the property buying process you're probably pleased to learn that there is something called a commission rebate and you can use discount real estate brokers like us to pay low real estate agent and broker fees.

You can rest assured your purchase process is in the hands of a true real estate sales professional.  The owner & broker of Str8 ReaL estate Company is a 19 year sales veteran who's based near Palm Beach Island Florida.  His contact list contains members of the Forbes 400 & he has participated in transactions in excess of $500,000,000.

Starting your real estate commission rebate is simple as contacting us and saying hello, requesting a New Condo & Home Builder Registration Form or jumping right in and using our always open Submit Offer feature to introduce yourself anytime you like.

Find a Property

Our real estate commission rebates are best used after you've found your favorite properties.  We're always available to share internet search tips so don't be shy to introduce yourself early in your property purchase pursuit.

Online Offers

Anytime you feel serious about making a bid let us know some basic property information & offer terms.  We'll soon after send you a draft purchase contract to approve, sign & formally submit to the seller at your discretion.

Rebate Basics

How do you collect your rebate?  There are a few ways like cash back at closing, a credit towards closing cost & in some instances a reduction in your final purchase price.

Request a Commission Rebate